Vasi Studio




    ~  Make sure your pet gets proper exercise prior to session (to relieve over

    ~  Avoid over feeding your pet prior to session

    ~  Make sure your pet gets proper rest/sleep prior to session

    ~  Groom and bathe your pet a few days prior to session

    ~  If dressing your pet, try the clothing on prior to session (to assure fit)

    ~  Notify me of any special tricks your pet does that you would like to capture

    ~  Notify me of any dietary, allergy or special medical needs prior to session

    ~  Please notify me if your pet is not people friendly

    ~  Be ready, just in case you decide to join your pet in some photos
        WOMEN:  plain color, long sleeves, nails done
        MEN:  Hair cut a few days prior to session

    ~  Favorite or high-value treats

    ~  2 or 3 Favorite (squeaky) toys

    ~  Outfits and/or jewelry, if necessary

    ~  Leash, collar, and/or harness

    ~  Training clicker, if required

    ~  Waste bags

    ~  Updated pet vaccine record

    ~  A positive, energetic attitude! 


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