Vasi Studio



At Vasi Studio, we create timeless memories and we capture family legacy.

    ~ What is the reason or special occasion for scheduling the portrait session?
        (Example:  engagement, expecting, graduation, holiday and etc.)

    ~ Whom would you like to include in the family portrait?
        (Example:  grandparents, siblings, pets and etc.)

    ~ Where in your home do plan to display this family portrait?

    ~ Would you prefer studio session, in your home or a specific location?

A studio session is more of the classical studio portrait.

An in-home session is more of a photojournalistic session showcasing the beauty of your home and telling a beautiful story.

A specific location is like a park, beach or etc. (weather permitting)

    ~ Dress in color harmony

Traditional:  Everyone dresses very similar

Modern:  Same color palette but a little different and/or
    boys vs. girls

    ~ Avoid prints, lines/stripes, logos or busy patterns

               ~ Women, please have your hair, makeup and nails done

               ~ Men, please have your haircut two days before the session

              ~ Kids, please make sure they feel well and that they have had

                 their nap time. Bring some of their snacks.


Schedule your family portrait session today! Call Vasi Studio in Royal Palm Beach Gardens, Florida at  (561) 307-9875.