Vasi Studio

Holiday Portraits Palm Beach Gardens, FL



~ Please book a minimum of 2 months in advance prior to the actual holiday.
~ What holiday are you scheduling the portrait session?
(Examples: New Years, Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s
Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas)
~ What do you plan to do with these holiday portraits?
(Examples: to place in home, holiday card, invitations and etc.)
~ Whom would you like to include in the holiday portrait?
(Examples: grandparents, siblings, pets and etc.)
~ What color scheme do you have in mind?
(Please avoid prints, lines/stripes, logos or busy patterns)
~ Do you have idea of props that you would like to utilize in the portrait session?
~ Do you have in mind particular decorations you would like to utilize in the
portrait session?
~ Men, please have your haircut two days before the session
~ Women, please have your hair, makeup and nails done
~ Kids, please make they feel well, that they have had their nap and bring
~ Pets, please bring leash, collar/harness, waste bags, favorite treats and toys
Schedule your holiday portrait session today! Call Vasi Studio in Royal Palm Beach Gardens, Florida at  (561) 307-9875.